Premium water Legend of Baikal
Water can become a work of art if it is Legend of Baikal - premium deep-sea water with ultra-light natural mineralization.
Without exaggeration, it contains the unique energy of the largest, most powerful and beautiful lake on the planet.
Strengthen the positioning of the premium water brand, convey the mission and values ​​of the company to the target audience, and expand the loyal audience.
  • Development of specialized communities in social media and the blogosphere
  • Community management
  • Working with industry opinion leaders
  • Monitoring and analytics of the information field online
  • Seeding branded content on social media
We developed a creative concept based on maintaining a healthy lifestyle in the metropolis and preserving the riches of nature, and conveyed the authenticity and origin of the brand through the word.
We segmented the target audience of the brand into the category of people aged 30+ who lead an active lifestyle and follow modern trends in ecology and care for the environment.
We analyzed the target audience
The strategy was based on the concerns of a modern urban dweller: loneliness
in a big city, the accelerating pace of life, the future of man and humanity, the problems of choice and responsibility, as well as emotional and physical energy and pleasure in the moment.
Developed a content strategy
The references of the visual concept were advertising campaigns of premium brands: magazine shooting, stylish images and jewelry, professional models, luxurious scenery.
References, studios, models, make-up artists, photographers, videographers - we did everything on a turnkey basis and with love :)
Created and posted content
One of the most popular formats today is Reels short videos. We know about this, so we decided to prepare our own publications together with bloggers. We selected seven bloggers who, on a barter basis, filmed a video of their morning routine and native integration of a useful habit - drinking water - for the Legend of Baikal account.
Interacted with bloggers
The total reach on Instagram from August 27 to August 31, 2021 was 1550 users.
Many famous writers have described the beauty of the great lake. We took six outstanding quotes, played them in a magazine layout and shared them with our subscribers.
"Baikal in the words of the classics"
The values ​​of Legend of Baikal are based on five basic principles that have already become a lifestyle for brand friends. But in the same concepts everyone puts something of their own. So we decided to ask consumers what each principle means to them.
"Values ​​of the Legend of Baikal"
As part of a special project, we invited five bloggers from Irkutsk on a tour of the Legend Of Baikal factory, after which they shared their impressions in their accounts.
We sent bloggers on a factory tour
We integrated the Legend of Baikal into the Around Baikal in 55 Days travel show, and after the release of the final series, we raffled off branded watches.

Legend of Baikal also became the general partner of Timur Agzamov's YouTube show "Timur and his plates". As part of the integration, 10 video recipes and a bonus interview with product placement were released.
in a YouTube show
In addition to the fact that we worked out partner events online every month, we went to the Moscow Heat 2021 squash tournament, made a series of stories with a report from the event and prepared a post with a photo report.
Accompanied partner events
We developed the concepts, determined the incentives for participation and the composition of the jury, launched the competition, promoted and supported it. And, of course, the winners were determined.
Each contest post was targeted, and thanks to the contest mechanics, organic reach was also created.
Conducted competitions
The total coverage of publications by bloggers amounted to 100 thousand users, provided more than 800 transitions to the brand account and more than 100 reactions/responses to branded content.
The release of each video was announced in the Legend of Baikal Instagram account and in Timur's account. Total coverage of publications
on the blogger's Instagram has exceeded 200 thousand users.
On average, we spent five thousand rubles on regional advertising in the Krasnodar Territory and received coverage of about 30 thousand users.
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